Over the years I have been commissioned to produce many varied works. Some of these include one-off pieces for individuals, some include larger studies and editions of work for groups or companies.

The larger studies or editions have been used as corporate gifts, added to a collection of work or used as advertising or promotional material.

One of the more unusual requests involved being present at a summer garden party and asked to capture the more humorous and spontaneous activities of the event. Another time I was asked to produce a series of watercolour sketches for a local amateur dramatic society. This meant spending many hours observing and recording the groups’ activities. At the rehearsals, with the props, and with the orchestra and audience.
In these examples, the finished works were used as promotional material for future events.

Past commissions have sometimes taken me to subject matter I would not necessarily have chosen for myself. Interpreting another’s thoughts and ideas can be challenging but also rewarding. Especially when the project encourages you to think in a different way or explore other boundaries.

Carl March